Star Nayea

Star Nayea’s emotional and moving music is not baseless, nor is it produce by a disconnected music technician. She takes pride in her abilities as much as her audience enjoys her blues/pop/rock sound that is unmistakably Star Nayea. Her rough beginnings were undoubtedly challenging and potentially damaging, but Star rose above them. She poured her negative experiences into a positive outlet that has won her a Grammy and a NAMA (Native American Music Award).

When Star Nayea was only two months old, she was taken from her Native American family because of the 1950s-70s baby sweep perpetrated by the United States and Canada. Despite the good intentions of the Lutheran Social Services of Detroit, Michigan, she landed an extremely abusive adoptive family that did not share her heritage. After several years of pain and struggle, she escaped her adoptive family and began to reach for her dreams of musical freedom.

While the experience and circumstances that brought Star Nayea to Detroit were unfortunate to say the least, the surrounding Motor City Rock and Roll scene and the raved about MO-Town sound influenced and shaped her tastes as she grew into the young woman with the unique soulful style. Star began her musical career in her home town of Detroit, but it was not long before she was selling out shows in New York City, Los Angeles, and more.

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Although Star Nayea is a solo artist, her long list of musical collaborations is very impressive. She has worked with many noteworthy Native American Artists such as Indigenous, Joanne Shenandoah, and Buffy St. Marie. One of Star’s most memorable experiences was singing along side Chuck Billy, the front man of the heavy metal band “Testament,” who shares her Native American culture. Star Nayea has also had the honor of opening for the infamous Willie Nelson and the 80’s rock band, Styx.

Star Nayea’s performance abilities are not limited to her blues/pop/rock sound. In 1997, she acted as a lead vocalist on the all Native American Broadway style production of “Tribe.” That same year, Star was discovered by Canadian playwright, Thomas Highway, who cast her in the Broadway style rendition of “Rose.” Star Nayea has also been invited to perform back up vocals for Robbie Robertson and held a few jam sessions with Tom Wolf.

Star Nayea’s emotion and strong will brought her out of such a despairing situation with her head held high and her dreams a reality. While she is thankful for her success and those that helped her on this journey, she still searches for her Native American birth family and prays that they will one day be reunited. Star remains active in the Native American community. She performs on Indian reservations and developed the “Healing Power of Music” program where she reaches out to underprivileged Indian youth that are in the positions she was in many years back.

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